On-Stage Work

On-Stage Work

Tour Photography | Concert Photography

Tour & Concert Photography and Videography

There is something magical about capturing those on-stage moments that get shared and spread around the social network. One of a kind moments both on and off the stage where the band is captured being who they are with the people that celebrate what they do. It is imperative for documentation and marketing. Those amazing films and documentaries of the Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra - all possible because there was a camera-man doing his or her job during the moments when one of a kind events were taking place. That's what Joe Dolan does.

Joe is available for tour work or individual shows, both at home in Los Angeles or for fly-ins, driving or traveling with crew. This includes both photo and video work.

Travel Details

When travelling out of state, Nationally and Internationally, I fly from LAX or Burbank Airport (preferred).

California driving dates are recommended to be pre-arranged by at least a week.

Expenditures are covered prior to travel. Secure reservations, transportation, meals and day rate are pre-arranged.

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